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Good morning Year One, and happy Tuesday!heart


I hope you enjoyed the story as well… I love the story of Jabuti and the important message that comes with it. I wonder if you’ve figured out the moral yet? Maybe it’s a good thing to talk about with your family to try and understand the important message of the story.


Here’s the story again – I’d like you to have another read again now, just to remind yourself.


Jabuti the Tortoise



LO: To convey an opinion based on likes/dislikes of the story.


Did you know, that sometimes it’s okay to not like a story? There are always going to be stories we read that we’re not very keen on, yet they seem to be our friend’s favourites? That’s okay! That’s called having an opinion. Today, we are going to ask for your opinion on the story Jabuti the Tortoise. We would like you to tell us one thing you loved about the story, and one thing you didn’t like about the story. (You can always tell us more than one if you have multiple reasons!).





I wonder if you could use the following key words in your writing today (remember, they need to be spelt correctly! Have a go at practising them first...) 


Keywords: tortoise, vulture, birds, heaven


2. CHALLENGE - Contracted Words


I wonder if you could use some of the contracted words in some of your writing as well. Remember, a contracted word is a shorter version of a common phrase. 


Contracted words:

                                could not - couldn't

                                would not - wouldn't

                                I am -  I'm 

                                We are -  We're 

                                She is - she's 

                                He is - he's 

                                We will - we'll 

                                I will - I'm


Make sure you remember all those important writing skills that we always talk about. You need to have neat handwriting, that is on the line. You need to make sure you are using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces whilst rehearsing your sentences out loud before you write them. Best of luck and don’t forget to send them into Seesaw when you’re finished!