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Hip hop hooray! It's another Fred Friday! 


Hello Year 1, 


RIBBET! Hello again - Fred here! It's Fred Friday!!!!! My favourite day of the week! I have been hip-hopping all over the school today as the sun has been SHINING! 

I've also spent quite a lot of time stealing teachers SeeSaw login's and having a little peek at ALL the amazing work that's being sent in - I'm so jealous that your teachers get to talk to you and I can't crying I miss you all so much! 


To cheer me up, I have a favour to ask of you. I wonder if you could send ALL your Fred Friday letters through seesaw then I can see the fantastic sounding out of your words...especially words you struggle to spell. 


Remember - your Fred Friday letter should include all that you've been up to this week whilst at home in lockdown. I really want to read about what home learning activities you enjoyed, what you got up to with your family and anything else you did! I really cannot wait to read!!!


Yours lovingly,  

Fred the Fantastic Phonic Frog (R-I-BB-E-T).