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Good morning Year One and happy Monday!

We’re back for another week of writing and I hope you’re just as ready as we are.


Your first task is to re-read your book of the week 'Firefighters' by Katie Daynes (see below) and discuss with your family.  



Firefighters Book

Your next challenge is to read the information on pages 8-9 with the heading'At the station. Look at the pictures of illustrations and discuss with your family. Also, there are pictures below to help with your discussions or even better, click on the hyperlink below to go on a virtual tour to a fire station.

Well done for reading and going on a tour at the fire station.  Now that you're familiar with the fire station, grab your writing tool box as you're going to write sentences about your experiences and share with your teachers.


Here are some of the things you need to include in your writing:

  • Tools and equipment at a fire station and why it is there.
  • The kind of transport used at a fire station
  • The purpose of the fire station
  • People who works in a fire station
  • What happens in the fire station 


Remember to include all your writing tools such as neat handwriting, that is words sitting on lines, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Also, rehearse your sentences out loud before writing them as this habit will help you remember what you're going to write.


Best of luck and remember to post your learning on to seesaw when you’re finished!