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Happy Thursday! laugh


Hello year one,

Are you ready to do some more amazing writing today? We have a great new challenge starting and I hope you're SUPER excited (I know we are)! 


We are starting a new writing focus and it's on FIREFIGHTERS. We have a new book for you to read, and this book will be what all of your work will be based on! So, make sure you really take the time to read it carefully, taking in all the information (because there's lots of  it, and you're going to need it!).

Have you got your best reading eyes ready? Let's get started! 

FireFighters Book

Okay guys, now that you've read the book you should be ready to complete your first challenge.


Today you need to show us what you've learned about firefighters clothing or uniform. 


You can either use the picture below of a firefighter or draw your own on a piece of paper, then label. Refer to the book for support on this activity. Perhaps you could use the contents page in this non-fiction text to find the information you need on a specific page. 



As you are labelling, you still need to think about your writing skills - especially your handwriting! You need nice tall ascenders, droopy descenders and well formed upper and lower case letters. They need to be formed correctly and in the right direction whilst sitting on the line. Have a look at the prompts below if you're not sure. 

Great job!


Now, it's time for the real challenge! The local fire department has been in touch and would like YOU to write up a description of an outstanding firefighter! I know, what a privilege! 


An outstanding firefighter must always wear the correct protective equipment and have a fantastic attitude for helping people. So, with that in mind. Would they be kind or mean? Would they be active or lazy? And why do you think that! 


Your challenge is to write some sentences to tell us what makes an outstanding firefighter. You need to rehearse your sentence out loud first, and then write it down as neatly and carefully as you can. For example, it might be something like this: 


A firefighter must always try his best. He must wear big, strong boots to protect his feet from dangerous materials on the floor. He must also wear his helmet to protect his head and from things that might fall down .


A firefighter must be kind and active, so, they are ready to save lots of people from burning buildings and animals who are stuck on trees. 


We cannot wait to see what you come up with! Remember to post your learning on SeeSaw later on after you've checked your sentences. Make sure it includes all those important writing features. (I'll put them below just in case you forget!). Good luck Year One!