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Good morning Year One, hope you’re ready for some superstar writing again!

Today, you will be putting your detective hats back on to find out some information from the PowerPoint provided below. You will need to read through and answer some questions, using the information in the slideshow. Retreiving this information is going to need your very best reading detective skills, so try your hardest. Best of luck!

First read through this powerpoint...

Now, time to answer some questions! 


1. What is a firefighters job? 

2. Can you find some words used to describe firefighters? 

3. Can you list some equipment that firefighters use, and what is it's purpose? 

4. Where do firefighters work? 

5. What sort of things might a firefighter be doing at work? 

Don't forget, you need to have...

Don't forget...


Your teachers are now eagerly awaiting to see all of your learning through SeeSaw! Make sure you send it in so we can see all the hard work you've been doing at home. If you need help accessing the app, please use the contact form to get in touch and we'd love to help set you up! Have fun :)