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Hello again Year One,

Are you ready for some wonderful writing? I bet you are!


Today’s challenge is for you to edit your writing on your non-chronological report. You will need to re-read your sentences and check that your writing make sense. Ensure it’s absolutely TOP NOTCH and ready to be shared with your teachers.


I have provided two check lists for you to use. You will need to use both of them to help you edit your writing. Please make the needed changes and even make your sentences more interesting by extending them with conjunctions such as 'and.'


Best of luck!


Also, make sure you have...

Once you have checked (and double checked) your writing, you can post it on Seesaw for your teacher to have a look at and give you some feedback.


We have all loved getting to see your learning, and this will be no exception. 


Well done guys - keep up the hard work!