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                       Direct and Indirect (Reported) Speech


When reading a newspaper report, it is very common to see both direct and indirect (which can also be called reported) speech.


Today, you are going to learn about the difference between direct and indirect (reported) speech so that you will be able to include this in your own newspaper report.


First, go through the information videos and documents so that you are clear what the difference is between direct and reported speech.


Then, I want you to choose which event you would rather write about for your newspaper report - The Trojan Horse or The beginnings of the Olympics.


Finally, for your activity today, you are going to imagine you have interviewed or spoken to somebody who was there when all or part of this event was taking place. You are then going to write this down. 


Remember:   Try and give your newspaper reader as much information as possible about the event from the person you have 'interviewed'.


For example, you could begin your paragraph:   

I spoke to a man named Adonis who is a sandal maker who lives in the city who was there when the Trojan horse broke through the gates of Troy. Adonis said he could first see......

Direct Speech and Reported Speech

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Reported Speech

Learn all about reported speech or indirect speech! Reported speech or indirect speech is used to report something that someone said in the past.