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Hip hop hooray! It's another Fred Friday smiley


Hello Year 1, 


Fred here...  I am SO excited to get my latest Fred letter from you all. My week's tend to drag a little bit now because I'm running out of things to do. I have no children around me to Fred talk with, and sometimes that makes me a little bit sad. I spend all week counting down the days until Friday because I finally get all your lovely letters filling up my inbox. 

HOWEVER...would you like to know a secret? (You can't tell anyone!). I, Fred the Frog, am now on SeeSaw! Yep, can you believe it?! I hopped on over to Ms Preston's office and croaked away for about half an hour, and she finally gave me permission to use the Seesaw app with your teachers! How fab is that?laugh

So, I would love it if you could send ALL your Fred Friday letters through SeeSaw, so I really get to see that fantastic sounding out of your wrods...especially words you struggle to spell yes

Remember - your Fred Friday letter should include all that you've been up to this week whilst at home in lockdown. I really want to read about what home learning activities you enjoyed, what you got up to with your family and anything else you did! I really cannot wait to hear!!!


Yours lovingly,  

Fred the Fantastic Phonic Frog (R-I-BB-E-T).