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Hello again Year One!

You’ve got to Thursday! Congratulations. Today we’re going to make a start on our non-chronological reports of our own.  

First, you need to select your own hero. It could be anyone you like. It could be someone famous who lived a long time ago, someone who is still working and completing hero acts now or even someone in your family. Some of our biggest heroes currently are our key workers who are continuing to go to work even though the coronavirus might make them poorly. People like NHS workers, dustbin men and women, police officers, fire service, shop workers, cleaners, care workers and many more. If you know any of these heroes, maybe you could do your report on them instead.


Key questions


Who are they?  

What job do they do?  

What did they do that makes them a superhero?  

What are their achievements?  What did they do that makes you admire them so much?

Are they still alive? When did they die?  


Your task is to create a mind map using all the information you've collected about your hero or heroine.

See example below:  




Make sure you use your very best handwriting with tall ascenders, neat normal letters and dangly descenders (see the letter and number chart below to help you). 

Feel free to drop us an email if you need any help, and make sure to upload your work onto SeeSaw at the end of the day so your teachers can see your magnificent mind maps!

Best of luck!