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Good morning Year One,


We’re already at Wednesday, and I believe you've done so much learning on non-chronological reports, especially the features and it's structure. Well done!

Today, you’re going to put on your detective hats and get your dictionaries out as it’s time to go on a word search hunt! 


You will have noticed from the text yesterday, that in a non-chronological report you need to use factual/technical vocabulary. These words are usually a bit tricky and you might not know the meaning of them! So, your task is to use a dictionary to find the meaning of these words. 


First, read through the powerpoint below and have a go at the activities. Have fun!



Dictionary Skills Powerpoint

Your next challenge is to re-read the chronological report and find words you’re unsure of. You then need to list them down and use a dictionary to find out their meaning. 

Finally, you need to try and use these words to compose a sentence (not the same sentence in the report!).

Best of luck!  


Although an actual dictionary is preferred for this task, if you don't have a dictionary, feel free to use an online one. See below for some useful examples of online dictionaries. 

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