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Happy Thursday Year 2! laugh Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so today is our last day of learning before we enjoy a 3 day weekend - yipee! yes


You have been working so hard on your informal letters so far this week. Have you been sharing your learning with your teacher on Seesaw? Don't forget to upload it so that your teacher can see how you have been getting on. yes


Today, you are going to finish off writing your informal letter, using your plans and the extra documents to help you. Click on the Powerpoint 'today's task' for your success criteria and some tips with finishing off your letter. Have you been including lots of different and intersting sentence starters? Common exception words? Suffixes? Remember to have a coloured pen handy so that you can edit your learning (just like we do in class) whenever you need to. laugh


Once you have finished your letter, why don't you ask your adults to record you and upload it to the Seesaw app? Your teachers would love to listen and watch you perfom them! heart