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Good morning Year One!

You’re almost at the end of the week! You’ve completed some amazing writing from what we’ve seen so far and now we would like you to re-read your autobiography or biography aloud to your family, and see if it makes sense. If it doesn't or there are some things to change, how could you make it better? 


Think about using your writing tools below to make your sentences better: 


  • Neat handwriting including ascenders, descenders, upper and lower case letters that are formed correctly.

  • Does your sentences make sense?

  • Have you used capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and for the name of your hero, towns, cities, school and countries?

  • Have you got finger spaces in between your words?

  • Have you used full stops and question marks correctly at the end of your sentences?


 keep up the hard work authors and we're looking forward to reading your published biography and autobiography!