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Hoorah Year One! 

We hope you had a lovely weekend and feel rested and ready for this weeks challenges. So far you should have got the hang of what a biography should look like.


Today’s challenge is to start compiling information on a significant person of your choice. It could be someone you think is a hero, someone you look up to or someone who has done amazing things for other people. For example, your mum, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother or sister. 

Then, do some research on this person. If this person is someone you know, maybe hold an interview with them to find out some information. If you choose someone you’re not in contact with, for example someone who’s passed away or someone who you cannot speak to, you might need to use the internet to search information about them 

We would like you to find out a few things about your significant person and then record them in a mind map.  


Now grab your writing tools, research your hero or heroine or your favourite person and write about the following:


  • Their name  

  • Their date of birth or death

  • Where they live or lived

  • Their job

  • Why they are important or famous 

  • What they like or their interests

  • Then draw their picture 


Please email us if you need help. Have fun!