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What does teaching look like in our classrooms, nurture rooms and playgrounds?

  • Appropriate challenge for all pupils, so every child can make progress.
  • Teacher modelling through effective use of ‘teacher talk’ time, so every child sees what is expected.
  • Being appropriately and readily resourced, so every child starts learning fast.
  • Varied questioning, so every child is thinking.
  • Purposeful interaction both between adults and pupils, and between pupils, so every child learns through communicating.
  • Guided group teaching, so every child is taught with a clear focus.
  • A learning environment which clearly aids learning, so every child can find help.
  • Enthusiasm allied with a fun, memorable and irresistible delivery, content and outcome, so every child participates.
  • Clear success criteria to be reviewed through the lesson, so every child knows how to be successful.
  • A review of the learning at the end of the lesson, so every child knows key words and ideas.
  • Involvement of all the pupils, so every child is valued.
  • Excellent behaviour management, so every child can learn.
  • Opportunities for independent learning, so every child learns good learning habits.
  • Effective marking and feedback, so every child knows how to improve.