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Wednesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1. It's Ms Satnarine once againsmiley.

I hope you have enjoyed the challenges that was set for you today.


I’m sure you have been busy in your kitchens and around the house hunting for containers to complete your Maths learning.  

Did you use a saucepan as it can hold lots of water and a  plastic cup, which can hold less water? We would think you estimated first before measuring.

Were you able to find out which container holds the most? 


Your key question:

Which of your containers holds the most C- - - - - - - -y?(Guess the word). I'm sure it's the plastic cup! Explain with your reasoning.


How did you get on with your RE-Islamic faith discussions? I hope you made your list on how Muslim’s follow the Islamic faith. 

Even better, you could demonstrate one of the ways that Muslims follow their faith at home to your family. (take photos to share)


Please upload some of your marvellous learning and email to

We're looking forward to celebrate your learning!


Well done for trying your best with today's learning. Have a good evening smiley






Hello Year 1,

It’s Ms Satnarine heresmiley!  I hope you are all ready for another day of exciting learning. Today you will need to follow the time table and complete the tasks that have been set. 

Maths will include measuring using water, cups and jugs, then, drawing your investigation in your yellow book. We have been learning about capacity and volume so we’re sure you will enjoy these practical activities.


In writing you will imagine your favourite toy coming to life … you can have such fun telling us about it using your amazing handwriting!


I’ve started writing sentences about my imaginary toy (see below). Use this idea to help you write your sentences


My favourite toy is a soft, woolly elephant with a wrinkly trunk. She is funny and smart, always making me laugh.

She always comes up with ways to play tricks on my family.  Once we …


We can’t wait to read your writing!


Don’t forget to have a go at all the activities today and remember to email us if you need support!


I'll check on how you're getting on in the afternoon. Thank you.