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Wednesday's Learning

Buernas tardes anos 1laugh

I just said good afternoon in Spanish Year 1. I think I'm getting better at learning and speaking Spanish. 

Today, your teachers have felt so loved and are grateful for all your lovely messages and kind words. It has been a great THANK YOU DAY for all teachers in Gascoigne. 

Well done children for all your fantastic effort in making Gascoigne school a better place to be. Now, you're even making us miss you more.

This morning I checked your music learning on YUMU and realised a lot of you have completed your tasks. I hope you enjoyed listening to the music and you had a good discussions with your family about what you heard and how it made you feel.


How did you get on with RE? I love the saying on being reflective about how you treat other people. Were you able to write about how you will behave towards other people? 


I've seen your learning that has been posted on seesaw today and well done for showing good understanding in finding quarters of a quantity. Please continue to challenge yourselves with working out simple fractions and explaining your thinking.


You all seem to enjoy reading the the text of the week. I think you've taught me some of the jobs that firefighters do that I didn't know about. Your writing presentation is incredible!


Did you remember to take a brain break? Have you been drinking lots of water and eating your fruits and vegetables?  Good job if you have! If you haven't, you have to start now as it's getting warmer and your body needs more fluids to function properly.


I'll leave you to have an early evening and remember to read a bedtime story before sleeping.


Adios! (Good bye)


Lots of love,

Mrs Coffieheart










Hola ano 1laugh

Well, Mrs Coffie just said hello Year 1 in Spanish!!!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe with your families. I am doing well and all your teachers as well. We miss you so much and we hope to see you soon.


Hurray!!! Today is THANK A TEACHER DAY! Thank you all for the fantastic teacher appreciation messages you've sent to your teachers. They are brilliant and it makes your teachers feel very special. If you haven't done so already, remember you can do so today! You can write and post a thank you message on seesaw for any of your teachers and I'm sure they'll love it.


Apart from writing your thank you message, I'll like all of you to visit YUMU and log into your accounts to access your music learning. In today's learning, you'll still be listening to and appraising a song. This song is familiar and I'm sure most of you have heard it before.The song is a soundtrack from the film 'Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.'                                 



Do you remember this song or film?



As you play the song or music, you can move to the music or sit down to listen with your eyes closed. You can draw, write simple sentences or any words that comes to your mind and later discuss this with your family or even your teachers on seesaw.


In RE, you are still learning about Hinduism and I'm sure that now you can mention some of the symbols and artefacts used by Hindus and also some of their beliefs.

In today's learning, you'll be discussing the Hindu symbol Aum (Om) and it's importance to Hinduism. Also, you'll be reflecting on the Hindu saying 'Do not do to others that which, if done to you, would cause you pain.'

Then, write ways you'll like to be treated and ways you'll want to treat others.


I must say you're doing really well in maths with finding quarters of objects and we're going to challenge you further to sharing quantities into four equal parts. 


What about writing? Oops, I nearly forgot about it! You'll continue to read the text of the week-Firefighters by Katie Daynes, then, write a list of jobs a firefighter does. Remember to use all your great writing tools so your readers can read your writing.


Please visit Bug club to read your books and also post your completed book reviews on seesaw. 

Your teachers are also looking forward to discussing your daily learning that will be posted on seesaw today.


I'll check on you later in the day to find out how you got on, but remember to send your teacher  a message on seesaw if you need help!