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Wednesday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1,

It's Ms Jawaher again! . 

How was your day? Did you spend some time outside? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today, I know you’re all working so hard!  


Now that you have completed your writing, make sure you go back to re-read and check if it makes sense. This is an important step we all should be taking to ensure our writing is clear for our readers. What are the key things you must look for and correct; 


  • Grammar-  full stop, exclamation mark, finger space, writing tenses(past,present,future),
  • Handwriting- ascending and descending letters and correct letter sizes 


If you found Maths a little tricky, try looking around your house for objects and try to halve them with an adult helping you. Remember, halves are sharing a whole into two equal parts. 


 A big smile from your teachers to you all and a massive thumbs up!


 Have a nice early night and a good rest, ready for tomorrow.




Ms Jawaher 

Good morning Year 1,


Yes! Another day to learn! What amazing non -chronological reports we got back from you all, giving us precise information about your hero and heroine. You all ensured that your sentences were correctly punctuated and handwriting formed correctly. Today, for your writing you are looking at another heroic key worker in our society; firefighters. How much do you know about them? Have you got any family member who's a firefighter? This is the time to ask them more questions about their job role.


What else is there to learn? Oh...Maths! Identifying halves and making halves in different ways! 

Ever sat there with a whole pizza and thought about how many ways you can halve it? Would it be easier to slice it into halves? Then, you surely are going to find out today as you make and slice pizzas for your teachers.


Are you in the race to be a Reading Champion?  Get your magic pencils ready to write a review about the books you’ve read or are going to read today and send them to your teachers on Seesaw so that we can celebrate your learning every Friday at 3:00pm.


Remember to read at-least one book  everyday on Bug Club because Reading is the exercise for the brain.


I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help!

 Bye for now and have a good day!



Ms Jawaher