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Wednesday's Learning

Good afternoon Year 1s,


Mrs Jean-Baptiste is back smiley !


How did you all get on with today’s learning?  Did you manage to keep up with Joe in the exercise session? I did 5 extra star jumps yes


We know how much you enjoy and are keeping up with your reading as well as the other areas of learning and we’re always proud to see the efforts you put into your work. We want to see the continuous efforts which we know you are making in reading so remember to log into Bug Club daily, read your books, answer the bug questions and write a book review or 2.  How many books have you read and reviewed today?

All of us Year 1 teachers are excited and looking forward to read them so don’t forget to post them to us on Seesaw.  


Today’s music session was so much fun, I really enjoyed listening to the ‘Your Imagination’ song.  I closed my eyes and used my amazing imagination to see what I could see and be who I could be. Where did your amazing imagination take you?  My imagination transformed me into an octopus climbing a huge tree, stretching out my eight, long, orange flexible tentacles slowly wrapping them around each of the thick branches pulling myself to the top.  It felt real, what an amazing experience.  How did it feel for you?


Take time out at different points during your day. Relax, close your eyes and see where your amazing imagination transports you to.

Ask family members to join you.  


Hello Year 1s,


It’s Mrs Jean-Baptiste here againlaugh


Wow! our new learning app Seesaw is exciting. It’s so great to see your individual learning and have a dialogue with you about your learning.

Today is another day full of fun learning. Are you managing to keep up with those star jumps, running on the spot and climb the rope exercises in your PE sessions? I bet you definitely feel awake and full of energy after those exercises.


Now you’re all energised and ready to go it’s reading time. How many books have you read so far this week? I know you will agree with me that reading is so much fun; it exercises your brain, improves your vocabulary and language skills and develops your imagination. We want you to show off your skills so remember you’re all in the race of becoming this week’s Reading Champion so keep on reading and writing those book reviews. Please remember to complete all your set tasks and if you need help, just email or send us a message on Seesaw as we'll be waiting on you. 

I’ll check back in the afternoon to see how you all got on.

Remember to post your learning on Seesaw

Happy learning!