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Wednesday's Learning

Hello Year 1, it’s me again Ms Satnarinelaugh


How did you get on with counting 30 objects? What objects did you use and did you manage to group them equally into 2s, 5s and 10s?  I wonder how many groups you made using those 30 objects. Could you send some photos to show us your marvellous maths learning? I said you could do it!


Ok, so now you have found out what chronological order means and you have put Mary Secole's life in order from what she did when she was little until when she grew older and moved to England. I’m sure you all included time connectives because that really helps to order things and we have done lots of learning on time connectives. We definitely want to see your fabulous writing and I know you are writing using captital letters, finger spaces and full stops in the correct places. Not to mention those ascender and descender letters.


I hope you enjoyed your music session and had fun. I bet you had to listen carefully to the music to hear the beat and maybe clap to the beat. Did you listen out for the rhythm? What was your favourite rhythm? Did you hear or guess any instruments?


Again we ask you to show us photos of your learning. We love to see what you are doing and enjoying.


Have a good afternoon and we'll catch up in the morning!





Hello Year 1, it’s Ms Satnarinelaugh


I hope you are all ready for another day of great learning. Today in maths we are looking further at making equal groups and grouping objects.  You will need some objects to help you and use your fantastic thinking and learning brains to complete the activity. You can do it!


My goodness me! I am learning so much about Mary Seacole, from what you have been writing. What was the long word again ‘autobiography?’ Mary’s life was so interesting, she wanted to tell everyone about it through writing. So, today you will be writing her life in chronological order. I’m not going to tell you what that means because you will find out when you do your writing learning.


Let’s have fun with our music session, finding out about the beat, rhythm and different types of music genres.  I like the guitar. Maybe you can work out what instrument is playing. Is the beat fast or slow? How fast can you tap a beat? Can you feel the rhythm and does it make you want to sway or jump?


Enjoy your day and I’ll come back this afternoon to see how you got on.


Bye for now!