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Wednesday's Learning

Hello Wonderful Year 1slaugh

What a busy day for all of us! I'm sure you were able to fly through your learning as you have developed great reading and writing skills.

I've looked at some of your learning that you have shared with us and they are SUPERB! You have all grown in confidence and are able to explain your thinking in detail fluently.


How did you get on with your music activity? Did you remember to use some musical language whilst discussing the sounds of the instruments you could hear? I hope you were able to write your own songs and perform it in front of your family. You can share some of your songs with us, so we can learn to sing them too.


If you haven't shared your learning already, I'll encourage you to do so as your teachers are looking forward to celebrate with you.


I'll leave you now so you can step outside and enjoy the sun as it's such a beautiful day. Remember to wear your hat, sunglasses and put some sun cream on as you go outside.....and oh...take a bottle of water as well to keep you hydrated.


Have a great afternoon and remember to have an early night so you feel refreshed to continue with your learning in the morning.




Lots of loveheart

Mrs Coffie x







Good morning Year 1slaugh

Its such a beautiful morning and I trust you're all keeping safe. I miss you a lot and I'm hoping to see all your lovely faces soon. 

I'm sure you have been counting down to your summer holidays, but don't worry we're almost there. We have just 1 more day to go, and we'll take a break, recharge our minds and prepare for Year 2. 


I've been reading your Year 1 reflective writing and what an amazing year it has been! You have really blown us away with your neat handwriting, tenses, punctuation and spelling. You're really going to show off these skills by writing messages and letters to a chosen member of staff today. It could be your class teacher, your new Year 2 teacher, your class Mid-day assistant, your PE teacher or even the Head teacher- Ms Preston. Remember, your writing will be shared with this special person so you have to use all your writing tools so it's readable.


In maths, you'll be sharing small quantities into equal groups and then write it's related division sentences using the division symbol. As you challenge yourself, you can write a short reasoning about why some quantities (numbers) cannot be shared equally. You can begin with the phrase, I know this  because.....let's see how you get on with your reasoning!


I love music and after listening to a piece of music, I like to spend some time reflecting and discussing how a particular music makes me feel. Music is good for us and it's amazing that you're going to have a wonderful opportunity to listen to different kinds of music on YUMU today. You'll be doing exactly what I love to do; listening and appraising different kinds of music. Whilst listening, I'll like you to try and remember the songs, some of the instruments and their sounds. You can even compose your own song and share with your class teacher on seesaw. 


I'll leave you now to log on to Bug Club to begin your reading activity, but remember to take a brain break so you can focus better in your learning.


You'll hear from me again by 3.00pm and remember to share your learning with your class teacher on seesaw.


Lots of love,

Mrs Coffieheart