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Wednesday's Learning

Hello again Year 1, laugh


I trust you had an enjoyable day of learning. So how did you get on?

I know you are keeping fit with Joe Wicks P.E sessions every morning.


How did you get on with your maths challenge? Who was right, Ahmed or Anita?


How did you get on with finding the answers to the questions? Did you use reading clues to find all the answers in the story?


Have you all used your beautiful handwriting in your writing today? Are all your ascenders, descenders, upper case and lower-case letters formed correctly? Don’t forget to take photos of your fantastic learning and email it to us.


Finally, please remember to continue reading and practise your times tables on TTrockstars.

Well done for completing another day of fantastic learning.


I hope you all have a lovely evening and get plenty of sleep ready for tomorrows challenges. Thinking of you all.


Lots of love, heart

Ms Begum




Good morning Year 1 children, laugh


Are you ready for another day of great learning? I’m sure you are!


Firstly, you will start your daily exercise with Joe Wicks, another refreshing PE session to help you re-energise your body and brain!


In maths you will be looking at quarter past times on a clock. Don’t forget that ‘quarter to’ means 15 minutes until the next o’clock time and ‘quarter past’ is 15 minutes after the hour.


In writing you will be continuing with the story ‘The Colour of Home’ by Mary Hoffman. So, get comfortable with an adult and have another read through the story. You will then answer some questions about what you have read.

When you write remember to check for:

  •  neat handwriting
  •  capital letters
  •  finger spaces
  •  correct punctuation (full stops and exclamation marks)

Don’t forget to log on to Bug club, My maths, TTRockstar and Purple mash for additional learning activities.


Remember to take regular brain breaks during your learning to help you stay focused and I’ll be back in the afternoon to see how you got on with your learning.


Have a lovely day! yes

From Ms Begum