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Wednesday's Learning

Good day Year 1,

Its.....Mrs Coffielaugh

How have you been keeping today? How did you get on with your learning? I'm aware that you're brilliant learners and you're leading your learning now so, I've not been worried about you at all, but feeling excited about discussing your daily learning.


Do you know what my favourite learning was today? It was maths! I really enjoyed timing myself whilst completing different activities. I never knew I could use less than a minute to wear my coat and take it off. If you're able to do the same, then you're super-fast just like me.


Your writing is really coming on well and your handwriting is beautiful. You need to keep on writing for different purposes during your free time, since this will help you to become a great writer.


Have you shared any book reviews with your class teachers today? Please don't wait till Thursday evening as your teachers are excited about reading your daily reviews. When we read your reviews, it helps us know which books you've enjoyed reading and also whether you've understood what you've read or not.

So, remember to share your book reviews with your teachers if you haven't done so already.


I believe you danced away during your music session. Did you remember to use musical language when discussing your feelings about a particular piece of music?  You can even challenge yourself by creating your own music and dance routine and then share with your teacher.


Oh dear! What a gloomy and wet weather? I think I have to leave you now so you can lay in your sofas or in bed to read a book and have a nice warm drink because this is exactly what we need when Mr Sun is hiding from us.

Have a good evening children and have an early night!


Lots of loveheart





What a beautiful morning Year One!laugh

I hope you're all doing great and looking after yourselves. We've had fun learning this week and I'm sure you can't wait to dive into your set tasks for today.


Wait...before you start, I'll like to remind you that we are so proud of your daily learning outcomes and you're all SUPERSTARS!  I can see that you've developed a growth mindset and are ready for Year 2.

Well doneyes I'm sure your parents are also proud of your learning because you are just AMAZING!smiley


Yesterday, I read some brilliant book reviews from you and I was impressed with the depth of writing produced as it confirmed  that you understand what you read. Today, you'll continue with your reading on BUG Club where you'll read your allocated book and answer your BUG quiz. Remember to write down new words so you can search their meaning and use them in your future writing as this is a good way to make your writing interesting.


Your daily phonics lesson starts at 9.30am on Youtube and I'll like you to join in straight after your reading session.


I know you love joining PE teacher Joe for your daily exercises and today's lesson is going to be enjoyable. You'll have to move your body in different ways to remain active and regain your energy. You'll need a bottle of water around you to stay hydrated and to help you perform better because it's really going to be a sweaty session.


You've been fabulous with reading and telling o'clock and half past times and I'm sure you can now tell the time for your favourite activities without reminders. 

Oh...what's the time Year One? It's maths time! You have a fun task today. Your task is to guess which activity you can complete within a minute and measure the length of time used in that activity. You'll need a STOP WATCH for this activity. When your activity is completed, record the time duration after pressing the stop button. You have to be very alert as the time won't wait for you.


How are you getting on with your story writing? Today, you'll continue with writing the middle part of your story. As you all know, this part is very exciting because there's always a problem and a solution. To make your story interesting and readable, you'll have to use all your writing tools, so look at your success criteria carefully and ensure that you work towards achieving them. We  can't wait to read your beautiful stories, so share them on Seesaw with your teachers.


When you feel tired, take a mind break and recharge your batteries so you can focus well on the rest of your lessons. 


Wednesdays are my favourite  days because I love music! Have you got your YUMU  logins ready? Log on to YUMU and complete your music task. This is action-packed and full of fun, but you will enjoy it better if you use the music language alongside. You can even share some of your performances with your teachers on Seesaw.


Hey, I have to rush to school and prepare for your learning, so I'll leave you now and check on you in the afternoon.


Have fun! 


Oops....guess who posted this message......


Its...Mrs Coffielaugh

Lots of loveheart