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Wednesday's Learning

Phew! What another hot day. Have you been taking breaks and drinking lots of liquids or even a cool delicious ice-lolly … yum?

I must admit in class we have been finding money challenging and we are having lots of practise and getting better and better because what did I say…? Practise makes perfect! The more we practise the better we will get. You could even play shops with someone at home and be the shop keeper.

What questions did you ask Malaika, when she was upset I wonder? The children in class came up with some marvellous questions, as I’m sure you have too. How do you feel better when you are upset?

Everyone wants to be loved and we like to show our family that we love them. In the Hindu religion one of their festivals celebrate love between brothers and sisters, the wider family and the community. Can you remember what it is called? They give items to show their love. Did you find out about the rakhi? It looks lovely… I may make some for my sisters.

I hope you enjoyed your music activities and you did great listening. What musical language did you learn today?

Before I go can you count how many questions I asked in this writing? I hope you remembered all those question starters too. I used ‘what’ ‘how’ ‘did’ ‘can’…

Tell us all about your great learning on seesaw. I will leave you now to enjoy the FANTASTIC weather and of course keep reading. J



Ms Satnarine X















Hello Fab Year 1 😊

I hope you are all well and enjoying the marvellous sunshine. I know I am. It is so hot but we still need to fit in our exercise. I think the best time to do it would be in the morning when it is cooler before it heats up.  

It has been lovely seeing some of my class and in fact all the year 1 children who are attending school now.

Let’s see what’s on the agenda for today… poor Malaika is feeling upset. Who is Malaika?…I know you all know her. She is the main character in the book you are reading. I know when my own children are upset, I will try and find out by asking them questions. I wonder what questions you might ask Malaika.

Who’s been going to the shops with their adult and spending money? How much change do you get back? Maybe mum or dad have explained it to you once you got home. We have looked at 10p and 20p, now we are looking at change from 50p. Don’t worry if it is taking longer to grasp this concept of money, you can do it at your own pace. If you are not ready to move to 50p, just stick with 20p or 10p. Keep practising on purple mash... remember practise makes perfect😊.

All your teachers love to see neat and correct formed letters in your handwriting. It is so important to practise this in everything you write, even in your SPaG and your spellings, always try your best.

La La La, I love music! I like singing although I can’t sing very well and I enjoy listening to different types of music. It can make me feel happy, sad, excited… so many emotions. You have some great activities to take part in, some involves listening carefully and using musical language.  

OK, I am off to check some of your WONDERFUL learning on seesaw…I am so excited!

I will come back later to see how you have all been doing.

Happy LearningJ

Ms Satnarine x