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Wednesday's Learning

I’m back again… My brain has been working really hard but I have enjoyed all my teaching and learning.

How did you get on in maths counting and making amounts? Those piggy banks were quite tricky but don’t worry with practise you’ll get there. I bet you’ll be able to go with mummy or daddy to the shops and help them count out the right amount of coins for something you buy. If you do this often you will be an expert with money!

Did you make sure you were using your story map to write the beginning and middle of the story because I know that some children forget to look at their story map but, the pictures and notes will definitely help you to remember and write the story?

I’m sure you were able to find out why Fridays are special for Jewish people and what they do on Shabbat. You can see that it is similar to other religions in what they do to celebrate. I wonder if you can think of what you do to celebrate a special occasion that is similar to Shabbat?

Did you enjoy your music activity…were you able to reflect? What did you think about and how did the music make you feel? You can share your thoughts on seesaw with your teachers. WhIn fact you can share all your learning on seesaw; we would love to see them.

I’m off to look on seesaw now to see if Azul class has left some amazing learning.  I know all classes in year one have left some wonderful learning, so keep it up!

Have a lovely afternoon and evening and take care.

Ms Satnarine X


Hey… hey...hey… Year 1! It’s Ms Satnarine here, wishing you a lovely Good MorningJ. I’ve had my morning exercise already so remember to have yours too. It helps me to focus and prepare for my teaching and learning.

It is already Wednesday, the middle of the week… how time flies. I hope you have been enjoying all your learning as well as getting some gorgeous sunshine. I’ve been putting on sun cream because the sun is very strong and we need to protect ourselves from those UV rays. I’m sure you are doing the same if you are outside in the sunshine.

OK, so let’s see what we are doing today…In maths it’s all about money, money, money. You should all have a better understanding of   coins and notes that we use and what they are worth, so now it’s time to make amounts.

I just love the story of Jabuti and yesterday you created a story map and wrote labels, captions and simple sentences about the story.

Today you are going to write the beginning and middle of the story, using your story map to assist you.

To help you in your writing you have to keep up with your spellings, grammar learning and of course reading. All of these skills will have a tremendous impact in your writing and make you a fabulous writer!

In RE we know that different religions have special days. In the Jewish religion Fridays are special to a Jewish home. I wonder why? Well that is what you will find out today.

Music is about reflecting… when I listen to music it makes me think and remember. It can bring back memories. Different types of music make me think differently. How does the music make you feel? What do you think about when you listen to classical or pop music?

I will leave you to get on with your learning and speak to you later on.

Ciao for now-that’s Italian for bye for now J X