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Wednesday 8th July

Dear children


Well done to all of you for being such committed resilient learners. We are all really very proud of all of you. You are all super star learners!


PE So how did you get on with your super hero relaxation exercises? I hope you felt really energised and ready for the day ahead afterwards.


Writing What about your performance poetry? Did you use facial expressions and emphasis in your voice to vary the tone? We can’t wait to see you upload your videos or hear your voice recordings.


Grammar For Grammar, you really should have mastered the skill of using the determiners ‘a’ and ‘an’ by now. We want you to keep writing sentences and improving them, using all of the grammar we have taught you over the year so that you can impress your year 4 teachers.


Reading Wasn’t that a lovely poem about ‘Queen Summer?’ I hope you have enjoyed answering the questions and that you have made sure you have checked the parts to each question and not left anything out.


Geography There was a lot to learn about tectonic plates and volcanoes in today’s lesson. I hope you paid attention to all of the learning as you will need it for your linked Art lesson and also for next week’s learning too.


If you didn’t get time to go onto Bug club during the day, then make sure that you do so this evening as reading is very important. Keep practising your times tables on the learning app too.

Children, have a relaxing evening and be nice to everyone at home.


Mrs Johal (Guduud class) 

Dear children,


Welcome to Wednesday’s wonderful learning. I hope you are ready for another fun filled day.


PE. You are going to follow the instructions for the role play relaxation exercises in Peace-Out Superhero Flying. Pay attention to the descriptive vocabulary to imagine yourself on set.


Writing. You will be performing your poem. You could watch Michael Rosen’s useful video for advice on how to improve your performance.


Grammar You will be consolidating your learning of using ‘a’ and ‘an’ determiners correctly. We have covered this many times this year, so by now you should be an expert at knowing when to use each one.


Reading You’ll be reading a poem called, ‘Queen Summer’ and then you will answer the questions. Do check each question, and read what it’s asking you to do. If one question has subparts then you have to answer each one.


Geography You’ll begin by revisiting tectonic plates which you came across in a previous History lesson when you learned about Alfred Wegener. Then you will move onto learning about volcanoes.


Don’t forget to take regular brain breaks and remember to get some fresh air and drink plenty of water during the day to keep hydrated.

When you get some spare time, log onto Bug club and the other learning apps.


I hope you have a great day and I’ll be back this afternoon.

Keep smiling while you’re learning and know that all the teachers are very proud of the way many of you have engaged with the online learning.


Mrs Johal (Guduud class)