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Wednesday 25th March

Today  you will need to write the middle part of the story where Jack finds the beanstalk out of the window and climbs up to meet the giant. Remember to use your plan to help you. Stop at the part where Jack tells the giant that he needs to return home because he knows his mum will be worried. 


When you have finished the middle part of your story, use a coloured pen to edit your writing (just like we do at school). How many:


- similes have you used? 

(The beanstalk was as tall as Big Ben!


- Have you included the power of three (3 adjectives in a sentence)?

(Jack felt confused, nervous and ecstatic because there was a real life beanstalk outside his window.)


- Have you used a conjunction in EVERY sentence? Use the poster below to help you to include a variety of different conjunctions to help keep your writing interesting...