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Wednesday 6th May

Important - Use Seesaw to speak and share your learning with your teacher!



Download the Seesaw Class app via your app store. Use your 12-digit personal text code.

Your child can then share their learning with their teacher and receive feedback.

This opportunity is available for pupils in all year groups, from Nursery to Year 6

Dear children,


I am sure you had an enjoyable day of learning. We can’t wait to see your learning uploaded on Seesaw.


Make sure you refer to the answers before uploading so that you have self-assessed your work and know which types of questions you have consolidated. Once you have checked the answers, upload it for your teachers to see so that we can give you feedback.

Well done to the many children who are uploading, and if you haven’t done so yet; now is a good time to join in with the fun. You can upload any activities or posters that you have made.


Also, when doing your lessons at home, always write the correct date from the web page as well as the lesson name so that when you upload, your teachers know which lesson you are sharing with us. Many of you are already doing this, so well done to you.


Also, many of you received a message from school about how to log in to your Yumu account so that you could complete your music lesson. If your parents check their emails and it would have been sent from 'mailmerge'. If you are having any trouble finding your log in details for Yumu, please let us know as soon as possible. 


Wasn’t that an amazing Science lesson? You learned about sun safety. Why don’t you upload your amazing designs of sunglasses so that you can impress your teachers?


I really hope you have used all of the resources for writing and that your beginning and middle part of the story flows with good use of higher level vocabulary. You have been taught how to self-edit your writing, so please do reread your work and check for sentence meaning. It is really important that you use all of the learning that has taken place at school. Please continue to use all of the grammar features you have been taught and are currently recapping. Once again, do upload these pieces and share with your teacher for feedback.


For Maths, the answers are up, so check your learning and upload onto Seesaw.


For Grammar, I hope you included some prepositional phrases in your writing.


For Reading, I hope you learned many new facts about the Moon. You could make a poster of your learning and upload it onto Seesaw.


Please remember to keep reading in your own time too. Thank you to those of you who log into Bugclub daily. We are so proud of you.


Best wishes

Mrs Johal (Guduud class)

Dear children


I hope you had an enjoyable evening yesterday. Today, we have some brilliant learning lined up for you.


PE. Make sure you follow all the movements and put full effort into your exercise.


SpaG: You will be recapping prepositional words and phrases. It would be a good idea to do SpaG after PE so that you can use your learning in your writing.


Writing: Before you begin today’s writing, please check over your introduction paragraph and ensure that it sets the scene of your story. Your introduction paragraph should be a minimum of eight well-formed sentences. Remember to use adjectives, ‘ly’ adverbs to explain how movement is taking place, ‘ed’,’ing’ and ‘ly’ adverbial openers to vary your openers and a wide range of co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions as well as a variety of punctuation marks (. , ‘ ? ! …)


Examples of ed –ing-ly openers:


Frightened and motionless, King Midas gasped in horror as he suddenly realised what he had done.

Laughing loudly, Zeus violently threw a lightning bolt across the tormented grey sky.

Sneakily crawling towards the glistening black box, Pandora wiped the tiny droplets of sweat from her finely arched brow.


So, today you’ll be writing the middle part of your mythical story. Make sure to use of all the resources provided and you must use higher level vocabulary. Use an online thesaurus if you have to.


Maths: You will practise subtracting money.


Reading Comprehension: You will be learning about the Moon.


Science: You will be learning about sun safety and then you will have an opportunity to get creative and design your very own pair of sunglasses.


Enjoy your day children and I’ll be back at 3:00 pm.


Best wishes

Mrs Johal (Guduud Class)