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In writing today, you will be writing the 2nd argument ‘Against’ of the discussion text.
Follow the plan but we must include some discussion phrases for effect (discussion text technique).


What Do Animals Think And Feel?

Think about the similarities and fifferences between animals and humans.


To begin, you will read through the Impact of Diet and Exercise ppt slides. This will help you examine the impact diet and exercise have on your body. A balanced diet allows the necessary intake of all the nutrients needed to maintain healthy eating habits. In addition, exercise is crucial for your body's growth.


Thereafter, read through the Plan Bee Healthy Body slidesComplete the sheet Exercise Investigation, thinking carefully about how to ensure a fair investigation as you complete the experiment. 

Art - Independent Learning (2pm)

Today, your template is your own hand! Draw around your hand carefully or ask someone else to draw around it for you. 

Inside your hand, draw straight or curved lines to create sections. In each section, draw your own Zentangle patterns. Use patterns from the Internet to help you if you are stuck for ideas. 

To make your hand stand out, choose a bright colouring pencil to shade around the hand. Here is an example: