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For writing today, look at the modelled piece and that is the expected outcome at the end of the unit. Read It. This is a discussion text discussing the banning of plastic (Plastic should be banned) You will be writing this exact discussion text as your guided piece. You will also be writing another discussion text about xenotransplantation (Should xenotransplantation be banned?) as an independence piece and that it should be better than the model shown. 
Today you are going to plan the model piece, “Plastic should be banned. 


Do Animals Have Rights by Carl Cohen | Animated Summary| Philosophy Today | Moral Philosophy |

Definition of philosophy : the study of the basic ideas about knowledge, right and wrong, reasoning, and the value of things. Think back to our topic... Should xenotransplantation be legal? Think back to the texts that we are currently reading - 'Pig Heart Boy' and 'The Animals Lawsuit against Humanity'. Do you think animals have rights? Do you think that they should have the same rights as humans?



Today you will be learning how nutrients and water are transported around the body. You will be making your own diagram explaining how one of the different processes works as your independent activity. As your teacher explains the processes, make notes using the Transporting Water and Nutrients Planning sheet to help with your diagram activity.

Alternatively, your teacher may ask you to independently research one of the processes below and thereafter complete the diagram activity.

Independent Activity:

Choose one of the following processes:

  • How do nutrients get broken down?
  • How is water transported in the body?
  • How are nutrients and water transported by the circulatory system?
  • How is waste expelled from the body?


Draw a diagram to demonstrate this using the images on the planning sheet to help you. Label the various parts. Explain in detail how your chosen process works using the diagram.


Today’s PowerPoint has also been uploaded should you need to refer to it.


Look at the creatures you see in your garden. (You can also look up ‘garden creatures’ on Google to help you). What patterns do you notice? 

Draw 6-8 circles on your page. In each circle, draw a zentangle pattern based on the creatures you found. You can choose any of their body parts (markings, eyes, wings etc). 

A completed example has been shared below.

You could colour too, if you wish. Here are some creatures to get you started:



repudiate- refuse to accept

contradict- deny the truth of an argument by saying the opposite

arrogance - unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people or in this case animals.

hierarchy - a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest

dumbfounded - so shocked that you cannot speak


Questions to consider


Why does the King say that Ga'avah's argument ("There is a hieracrchy of life and we are at the top." ) is a strong one?


What is the purpose of Nighingale's counter argument, in which he compares humans to ants and then to bees again?


Parrot claims that the babies of animals have more knowledge than human babies. Do you think that this is a clever argument?


Who has made the strongest argument,so far in this chapter, humans or animals?