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Cold write task: To write a diary entry from an event in the Christmas Holidays. 

In today's lesson, you will be using your plan from yesterday to now write a diary entry. Remember, we are not expecting everything to be correct as we haven't taught you diary entries in Year Four. However, this is your time to show off to us what you do know about writing diary entries from previous year groups. Please remember to use simple punctuation such as . , ! ? correctly. Also do remember to read over your sentences, editing and improving them ensuring they are making sense. It is important you are also spelling words correctly as well as joining your handwriting, how you would be expected to in school. Any questions, please do let your teachers know on Seesaw. 


For Computing, you will be required to use a programme called Scratch. Please use the following website to access the programme activity. Please also remember to view the PowerPoint on 'slide mode' and  click on each of the slides, as some slides link to video tutorials to help you understand the lesson better. 

Website learning- Grammar 

LO: To explore simple and compound sentences. 

In this lesson, we will revise our understanding of simple and compound sentences. To access the learning, please use the following weblink: .