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LO: To plan a narrative.


SC: I understand descriptive language creates strong imagery for the reader.


I can use ideas discussed and modelled with the teacher. 


I can include: adjectives, the rule of three, expanded noun phrases and similes to describe a character.


Key Vocabulary:

Ice Monster, Snow Creature, Tree Monster, Ocean monster,


You will continue and finish mapping out your story. Remember you can draw pictures and write short sentences. This will support your story writing.


Use 3 boxes to map out each section of the story e.g. beginning (description of the character), problem, resolution and conclusion.,


Today you are going to be ordering and comparing three-digit numbers.


Start the lesson by doing the ‘Intro quiz’.

Watch the video, by following the link below on the Oak National Academy lesson before completing the activity.


Ordering and comparing 3-digit numbers

LO: To test and finalise ideas against design criteria.


Design criteria - precise goals that a project must achieve in order to be successful.


You are to test your moving Iron Man against your design criteria that you wrote on your designing worksheets.


Your next task is to fill out the evaluation sheet. Explain in detail how your moving Iron Man is operating – referring to the pneumatic system.


Key Vocabulary:

pneumatic, mechanism, air, flow, circulate, input, output, around, rotate, push, expand, motion, pressure.