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Open the book from Monday's lesson 'When primates came down from the Trees.' Answer the questions.


LO To improve my work by using the best words and sentence structures I know.   

Today you will edit your writing carefully to ensure it all makes sense and is of a Year 6 standard. Please use a dictionary to ensure you have not made any spelling errors. Once your work is completed, please upload your work to Seesaw for your teacher to see.

Quiet Reading

Read a Newspaper article.


Darwinism (Evolution) Vs Creationism


Today you will begin to compare the theory of Evolution with religious theories of Creation. 


Task 1 


Write a paragraph explaining the theory of Evolution. Explain what is meant  by Evolution. In your paragraph discuss and explain the concept of 'Natural selection.' What is darwin's theory of natural selection and how does he say animals including humans have developed into what they are today. Think about what Evolution says about how the world began and everything in it.


Task 2


Write another paragraph explaining what the religious theories of Creation are? Who made the world and everything in it?


By the end of this lesson you should have a good understanding of both theories.