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LO: To write the opening paragraph of a narrative story.   


SC: I can select suitable similes to describe a character.


I can select suitable to describe adjectives/actions to describe a character.


Key Vocabulary:

bellowing low voice, rumbled, terribly, indescribable, monstrosity, think scaly skins, fangs, claws, horns, body, tail, tongue terribly fanged, terribly hairy 



Using planning previously done, you are going to write your own version of the opening paragraph. Remember to include good language features covered i.e. similes, expanded noun phrases, rule of three etc.

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. if they Do know of a fast way to solve this problem? What makes this problem slightly different from yesterday's problem? Are there any similarities?


During Guided Practice, you are looking for the connection between subtracting ones and tens from the same 3-digit number.

LO: To research and explore the local county.


Use  UK - counties map PowerPoint to support your learning today. Can you name any counties? What is a county?


Using the compass points, can you explain the location?


Follow the link below to watch general information about UK counties.


Your task today is to research information about Essex county and create a fact file. Then record information in the county fact file sheet.


Key Vocabulary:

countries, capital cities, map, location, locate, identify, map, atlases, regions, cardinal points, compass, features, physical, landmarks, county