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LO: To understand the structural features of a narrative.


Your task today is to go through the structure of your narrative that you wrote yesterday. Highlight tenses, descriptive language and other main features of a narrative. Does your narrative contain the following structure?


Introduction –Describe where you were and what you were doing.   

Problem –Explain and describe what happened.  

Resolution –Explain how you got away from the Iron Man  

Conclusion- Explain what happened next. 


You can follow the link below to help you establish the key features of narrative writing. On the following link you can plan a response together, thinking about what you want to achieve and then looking specifically at the introduction, climax and conclusion. You will then have an opportunity to review and refine your response by following their success criteria. At the end of the lesson, there will be a recap quiz to consolidate your learning.

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. Can you use any of the methods you have previously learnt to add 236 and 345? Try a variety of ways to solve this. Focus on linking the concrete representation to the drawing of Base 10 materials and finally the standard column method.


Use the Base 10 materials to show the two 3-digit numbers. Which would you add first – hundreds, tens or ones – is there any regrouping that needs to be done?


Remember when adding using the column method, it is important to start adding the ones, then the tens, and then the hundreds, as the ones and tens may need to be regrouped.


You will then do the Guided Practice, focus practising column addition both with renaming and without.

Your task today is to identify and locate key physical features of the UK.

Before you start the lesson recap the four countries of the UK and their capital cities.

From the previous lesson you should be able to identify the compass points and major cities of the UK.


Follow the PowerPoint and videoclips to understand the main key physical features of the UK. Highlight and name some physical features and the cities where they can be found.

Can you name any physical features in your local area?


Remember when using a map, it is very important to check the colours. Blue stands for rivers/ oceans, Green for land, Brown for mountains/ hills.

Follow the link below to further support you in today’s task.


Your activity today is to fill in the blank UK map with key physical features (colour in - Blue for rivers/ oceans,  Green for land, Brown for mountains/ hills.)