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Good Afternoon Year 5!


Good Afternoon Year 5,


We finally got through another day. Well done... Keep it up! You have only 1 day to go, so make sure you keep your spirits high. I have seen some great quality work on Seesaw, always remember to self-mark your work before you upload it so we can see your progress immediately. Also, don’t forget to complete your online homework tasks daily, including Bug Club. 


“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” – Pamela Vaull Starr


Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

You might seem like life is full of tests, questions, grades, parents, and pressure, but still dream.

Dare to use your imagination. Be bold. Be creative. 


Have a great evening,

Mrs Akhtar


Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.



Hi Everyone! We have some exciting news...


In September, we are going to be creating sporting houses, of which each one of you will be allocated to, to allow us to host more intra-school sporting competitions and continue increasing your physical, sporting and competitive opportunities. 


To enable us to name the sporting houses, Mr Reynolds have devised a competition (please see attached) which is open to all year groups. You will need to submit your entry via seesaw, tagged under PE so I can have a look through. 


You will need to submit your sporting heroes and explain why they should represent one of our houses at Gascoigne - give as much detail as you can. We will then choose 5 of these heroes to represent our houses and the 5 children who submitted the winning entries will win a bag of PE goodies!


Deadline is Wednesday 22nd July! So get started and good luck! 


This term, as part of your reading learning, you are required to use Bug Club everyday for 30 minutes and then spend the other 30 minutes of your reading session to complete another reading activity we will provide.


When using Bug Club, it is important you are answering the questions carefully, by referring to the text to find the correct evidence to support your answers. Your teachers will be monitoring your answers carefully, so ensure you are putting in the same effort that you would at school.


When answering reading comprehension and vocabulary questions, remember to be using taught techniques from school and annotate the questions and text, remembering to also refer to the text in your answers to support your points. A good tip is to read the questions first before you read the text, so you have a rough idea on where the clues for the questions and answer may be. 


It is important you are reading everyday to help you develop your reading skills as well as learn new vocabulary, which will make your spoken language and writing even better! These skills will help you later on in life and out of school, not just for your learning in school so please ensure you are reading regularly. 


Bug Club website link . 


Please access the text via this website to answer the questions. 


For your final writing activity of Year 5, write a message to your current teacher sharing a memory with her and extend your thanks and well wishes to your teacher. Write it well and to a high Year 5 standard – you know your class teacher would expect that as well. Write a paragraph, edit it carefully so it is really well done. This will be a good chance to say goodbye before the holidays. Once done, upload onto Seesaw for your teacher to see. Thank you.



Please use the link above to access the daily Maths lessons on BBC Bitesize. When you click on the link, you will see various subjects, click Maths and follow the instructions on the screen. Home learning focus will be on there daily. Each lesson will include a variety of activities, worksheets and videos. Complete all your learning in your book and Seesaw the work you have been doing daily, after self-marking the activities (answers will be found under the relevant activities). 


Once you have finished your learning on BBC Bitesize, it is crucial you spend at least 20minutes on MyMaths or Times Table Rockstars (swapping between them each day), to ensure you are reviewing your learning and revising your maths skills making them stronger. Please let your teachers know on Seesaw if you are struggling to log on. 


My Maths website link 

Times Table Rockstars website link 



Good Morning Year 5!


Good morning Year 5,


It’s Wednesday! We’re half way through the last week of the year! I have a little joke to share with you, to start your day with some laughter.  What did the pencil sharpener say to the pencil? What do you think the answer to this question is? Hmm… I will share the answer to this tomorrow! Let’s start our work for today…


You will find all the work for today under its sections, please complete them to the best of your ability. If you require help, please ask adults or elder siblings for support, there are also many different resources online that can help you. You may also ask teachers for help via Seesaw. 


Please note: some answers to the tasks will be available at 3pm. Make sure you come to check the answers and self-mark your answers.


Happy learning!


Miss Ahmed