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Good afternoon Year four,

I hope you have had a lovely day so far.  As you know, we are in school because we are key workers/vulnerable children.  We have different teachers coming to teach us every week.  Every morning, we start our day with exercise.  This week we have been doing ‘Kids Daily exercise’ from YouTube.  We are enjoying it very much.  Maybe you could try it also. You would find it much fun.  After our exercise, we start our learning.  We often start with SPAG because we love SPAG!  After play, we spend our time doing MATHS.  Ms Cole-Davis is with us this week.  She gives us extra maths lessons because we sometimes find bitesize maths quite easy. We love doing extra Maths. So far, we have done fractions, tally charts and bar charts.  On Monday, for ART, we tried doing still life drawing.  It was challenging but we still had a go.  Dipthi’s came out the best!  Yesterday for Science we investigated sounds.  We went outside to determine how far sound can travel.  It was a fun experiment because we collected pebbles in bottles to help us make our own sounds in the playground.  

We hope you will enjoy the rest of your day and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Have a lovely evening.

From: Dipthi, Bailey-Mae, (4 Green), Arianna, Maria, (4 Verde) Shane (4 Egjelbert)  and Ethan (4 Alawo-Ewe).

Good morning Year Four

I hope you are all doing well and trying to do your best in your home learning. I know that you might be missing school and also your friends but I am sure we will all be back in school in September. We are looking forwards to seeing you all. Some children are already back in school and are enjoying it. They have sent the following message.

Dipthi: I hope you are trying to do your best in your home learning.

Shane: I hope you all are staying safe and that we can all come back to school in September.

Arianna: I hope you are enjoying the work that the teachers are setting for you.

Bailey-Mae: I miss you all a lot.

Maria: I miss you all so much!

Ethan: I miss you, I can’t wait to see you all in September.


Have a lovely day.

Ms Cole-Davis