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Afternoon Message - Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good afternoon year 6! I hope you have enjoyed learning today and found it challenging. It has been and continues to be a beautiful day and I have enjoyed myself in the garden doing running circuits with my son as well as looking at learning sent from my class. How are the writing pieces going? The Miptor pieces are really grabbing my intention with the imagination being shown from some of you. Once these pieces are finish, i'm sure we are going to have some amazing stuff. Keep it up!


As always, you can contact us with any questions using Seesaw now. Well done to you for completing your lessons and we hope you have a good evening.


Mr Ade-Davis

Morning Message - Wednesday 6th May 2020


Good morning Year 6, Ade-Davis here again! Hope you and all those dear to you are doing well and staying safe. I have to say it has been fantastic having the opportunity to see all the learning and projects Sonara class have been sending me and this has been echoed by all the teachers of year 6 for their respective classes. How fantastic it is to have a dialogue again with so many of you and to be able to respond to the learning that has taken place.

Please continue to follow the guidelines set out for using Seesaw:

- make sure you are only uploading current work

- you have the answers, please mark your work before you upload it

- on your work and comment posts, please check your spelling and grammar

- keep your presentation neat

- in the comment box indicate what the piece of work is

- please only upload one picture per subject per day. For example, on the timetable today are the subjects: Maths, Literacy,  SPaG and Music. So upload one piece from each of those subjects but also one thing about you if you have completed this.


Remember, if you need anything at all, you can leave a comment in the note section. We are actively looking over any messages sent.

Oh, I’m hoping to see or hear about some book reviews today. Shout out to Agatha from Ouro class  for hers yesterday. You can check that out in the achievement page. Hope to make quite a few shout outs later this afternoon so impress me!

Speak to you later in the day.


Mr. Ade-Davis

Daily Timetable/Activities



Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or another text you enjoy. Identify any new and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions.


Complete the 'Give Two Examples' activity below. There are four different difficulty levels to choose from: Beginner, Easy, Tricky and Expert. You can select your difficulty level. Mark your answers using the answer sheet at the end of the questions.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the White Rose Maths website here:

Please complete Lesson Three (Add and Subtract Fractions). You can watch the video first to help you, then complete the worksheet and mark it. If you are finding it difficult, re-watch the video or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



Today you are going to continue writing your care guide for your Miptor. Before you begin writing, look back over what you have already written - you may notice some things you want to change/improve already! Also, have another look through the examples below, the Year 6 TAF and your plan. All of these things will help you to finish your care guide to a high quality. Don't forget to send a picture of your work to your teacher on Seesaw so you can receive some feedback.


Practise your weekly spellings. Copy them into your home learning book and write their definitions.


Complete the SPaG activity below. There is a Powerpoint which you can work through to show you how to answer the questions. You can then work on the varied fluency questions. Select either 'Developing', 'Expected' or 'Greater Depth' depending on how confident you are with the topic. You can then mark your work and move onto the application and reasoning sheet.


'Listen and Appraise'  'Heroes and Villians & Shades of Blue by Eska' then complete all of the 'Music and Eska' sections.

Well done, to Isabel who was the music champion last week. I wonder who the Music champion will be this week... wink 

If you've forgotten your login details then email me directly on