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Good afternoon Year Four,

Well done to you all for the amazing hard work that you have done so far!  Don’t give up as it is important that you are carrying on with your learning at home as you have worked so hard this year and we want to keep doing well in your learning.   I hope you found today’s work manageable and you have done a lot.  Remember if you are having any difficulty, you can send examples to your teachers using the seesaw app and we’ll gladly support you with it.

Keep up the hard work at home and I look forward to seeing what you achieve this week!

Have a good evening,

Ms Cole-Davis


Good morning year four,

Hope you and your family are keeping well.   Thanks for completing your home learning that has been posted online so far.  Remember you can send examples of what you’ve done to your teachers via the seesaw app.  We would like to see some of these.    

I know this is a very strange and difficult time for everybody and it’s hard having to stay in all the time but please try not to worry…. the sun is shining and I'm sure that things will back to 'normal' as soon as possible!  Keep working hard and remember to take some time out to rest and have fun.



Have a good day!

Ms Cole-Davis