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Wednesday 25/03/20

Afternoon message - 25.03.20



Good afternoon year 6! I hope you have enjoyed learning today and found it challenging. I was encouraged by my first stint at this morning’s P.E lesson with Joe Wicks. Didn’t stop for a break once!


How are the writing pieces going? You can always take a picture of it and send it via email so we can have a read. I’m sure you are all really engaged with the learning and it would be great to hear about any extra home learning you have been doing in various areas.


I am totally enthralled by ‘The Fifth Mountain’ By Paulo Coelho. A touch of R.E. and fiction has gripped me as the reader. How has reading gone over where you are? A great way to show us is to email us a book review!


As always, you can contact Mrs Dushku. with any questions or just to say hi, using the contact form on the Year 6 main page.


Well done to you for completing your lessons and we hope you have a good evening, time to play football with my son in the garden!


Blessings to you all!


Mr Ade-Davis (Sonara Class Teacher)

Morning Message - Wednesday 25th March 2020


Good morning! It's great to be able to take the mic over Year 6. It’s Mr. Ade-Davis here, hoping that you’ve had a good nights rest and have started the day well with some healthy food to get your ‘body and soul’ ready for the day!


By now you should’ve gotten used to the layout of the website, where you can find all of the information and resources you need for the day's learning. Thank you to everyone who continues to give feedback about the layout and the home learning set.


Mr. Berry has finally convinced me to take a chance with Joe Wick's daily morning workout, so it looks like I’ll be joining you at 9am. After that you should be continuing to write your flashback narratives. Don’t forget to take the time to pause, reread your writing and edit. This afternoon’s going to be computing so log into Purple Mash to find the 2calculate program and follow the prompt sheet provided.


Today I’m also starting my second book since Sunday, ‘The Fifth Mountain’ By Paulo Coelho. You should also be making time out to read quietly and immerse yourself in a book or two this week. You might prefer to listen to a few stories, rather than just reading. Audible have released a range of free children's audiobooks which you can listen to here: - a great way to hear fantastic stories!


As always, you can contact Mr. Berry with any questions or just to say hi, using the contact form on the Year 6 main page. If you would like to email Mr. Berry a picture/video of your work, we would love to see them! Email sir at


Can’t wait to catch up later. Have an enthused day!


Mr Ade-Davis (Sonara Class Teacher)

Daily Timetable/Activities



Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or another text you enjoy. Identify any new and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions.


Complete the second section ('Leisure') of the reading comprehension test and mark it.


Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the White Rose Maths website here:

Please complete Lesson Three (Introducing the Ratio Symbol). You can watch the video first to help you, then complete the worksheet and mark it. If you are finding it difficult, re-watch the video or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



Continue writing your flashback narrative, based on the character of Munchkin from Floodland. Use the plan which you created on Monday. Think back to all of the flashback writing you have completed over the previous weeks and use these as a model for this piece of writing. Remember to include all the relevant language and structural features, as well as a range of sentence openers and descriptive, emotive and figurative language. Don't forget to pause regularly whilst writing to re-read and edit your writing. Before you begin writing today, read over what you have already written. This will help you to ensure there is cohesion and you may notice some errors that you didn't spot yesterday!



Practise your weekly spellings. Copy them into your home learning book and write their definitions.


Complete the SPaG activity below. There is a Powerpoint which you can work through to show you how to answer the questions. You can then work on the varied fluency questions. Select either 'Developing', 'Expected' or 'Greater Depth' depending on how confident you are with the topic. You can then mark your work and move onto the application and reasoning sheet.


Log in to Purple Mash and find the 2calculate program. Using the prompt sheet below to help you, work through some of the KS2 tasks.