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Wednesday 22nd July

Good afternoon year 3!



I hope you all had a wonderful day on your penultimate (can you tell your teacher on Seesaw what this word means?) day of year 3! 


Tomorrow is your ULTIMATE day of year 3 which makes us all feel very sad that we do not get to say goodbye to you as we normally would do. You still have a whole day of learning tomorrow though so remember to get an early night so that you have lots of energy to complete your home learning tomorrow.


Tomorrow, all teachers in year 3 will be leaving you an end of year message on your Seesaw page so do not forget to keep checking your Seesaw throughout the day!


Have a wonderful evening everybody and we will be back at 9:00am tomorrow morning 🙂


Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)

Good morning year 3!


Today is your penultimate (look up what this means :D) day of year 3! Can you believe it!


You have lots of fun learning activities to do today starting with Joe Wicks - 5 minute workout 3!


We have all loved seeing your creative writing this week and today you get a chance to keep being creative with some more creative writing activities.


In SPaG, you have some more spelling and word search activities!


In Reading, you also have some word search activities plus some reading challenges to complete.


Finally, you have another chance to create some wonderful art work for our 'Connecting With Nature' Gascoigne project!


Have a wonderful day everybody and I will be back at 3:00pm!

Mr Hollingsworth