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Wednesday 20th May

Good Afternoon Year 3!


I hope you had a lovely and engaging day smiley


In Writing today, how did you get on with adding images to your captions of your newspaper reports?

In Maths, how did you get on with labelling your tenths?

In Reading comprehension, I hope you managed to answer all the questions.

In SPaG, I hope lots of learning took place there and you were able to complete the sentences.

I hope you had lots of fun in singing Bringing us Together smiley


Finally, I hope you had a great time deciding who to choose for your Thank a Teacher Activity. Do send your pieces in to us!


Thank you to all those of you who have been sending your work to us via the Seesaw. You are doing a great job and we are all so very proud of you!


Keep well and safe.


All best wishes to you and your family.


Mrs Choudhury

(Roxo Class)

Hello Year 3!


I hope you are all keeping well. Welcome to another day Home School Learning and the Seesaw!


So, your day will start with P.E. – Move and Freeze!


You then have Writing, Maths, SPaG, Reading and Music and as it’s National Thank a Teacher Day you have a Thank a Teacher Activity!


In Writing today, you will be drawing images for your newspaper reports. In Matts you will be learning about tenths. In SPaG you will be learn how to use apostrophes with plural nouns. In Reading comprehension I’m sure your looking forward to part 2 of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. In Music you will learn to sing Bringing us Together.


Finally, you have a fun task for the thank a teacher activity! Go on this Gascoigne link:


There is a tool kit, a blank star and remember to use the poster to help you with ideas.

This is an exciting opportunity for children and also adults to thank a teacher who they are thankful for. You could thank your current teacher, a teaching assistant or a teacher you have been taught by in the past. You could also thank more than one teacher! smiley


You can also go to this website for even more ideas:


We can’t wait to see what you send us on Seesaw smiley


As always, remember, to take regular breaks of stretching and breathing exercises to help re-energise yourselves smiley. If you have any questions, please message your teacher through Seesaw.


Enjoy your learning and come back to this page at 3:00pm!


Mrs. Choudhury

(Roxo Class)