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Wednesday 1st July

Good Afternoon Year 3!


How are you? I hope you had a brilliant day smiley


In Writing today, you learnt about Haiku poem. How did you get on with your task?

In Maths did you learnt to recognise and describe 3D shapes.

In SPaG how did you find fronted adverbials for time? Now you’ll be able to use fronted adverbials in your sentences!

In Reading today how did you enjoy the Leisure poem? Did you answer the questions in full sentences?

In Geography you had a task on the World Biomes and Climate Zones – how did you find that? Now you can say why Biomes are located across the world!


Finally, remember to read for a minimum of 30 minutes on a daily basis. I hope you had a good day of learning and well done to you all.


Keep well and safe. Look after each other. All good wishes to you and your family.


Mrs Choudhury

(Roxo Class)

Hello Year 3!


I hope you are all well and looking forward to another day of Home School Learning!


You will start your day will start with P.E. Kidz Bop: Best Day of my Life laugh

You then have Writing, Maths, SPaG, Reading and Geography.


In Writing today, you will learn about the features of a Haiku poem.

In Maths you will learn to recognise and describe 3D shapes.

In SPaG you will be learn about fronted adverbials for time.

In Reading today, it’s Leisure Poetry by W.H. Davis.

In Geography you’ll learn about World Biomes and Climate Zones.


Remember to log on to TTRockstars, Bug Club and My Maths. Wash your hands and take regular breaks of stretching and breathing exercises – this will help keep up your energy levels smiley.


If you have any questions, please contact us via Seesaw. Enjoy your learning and have a great day!


Mrs. Choudhury

(Roxo Class)