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Wednesday 1st April

Good Afternoon year 3!


I hope you have had another fabulous day of home learning on this wonderful Wednesday!


Today's answers are now available to view for Reading, SPaG and the Maths learning.

There were lots of tricky things to learn today so a great effort by you all because I know you have all shown resilience and determination to make sure you get your learning finished.


This is my favourite time of the day because I am starting to get lots of emails already with the learning you have done today. I think I will make myself a nice cup of tea, relax and start reading some of your diary entries and look at your artwork you created for R.E today. Feel free to also sit down yourself and read through other children's learning. It may give you ideas and inspire you with your own learning!


You have lots of fun learning coming tomorrow, including another comic book classic, 'Dennis The Menace!' in reading and you will also be looking at human geographical features the Roman's left behind in Britain for History.


Remember, if you would like to share your learning, if you are stuck on anything, or maybe just need a piece of advice with your learning, do not hesitate to email us at


Have a lovely evening and don't forget to think of fancy dress you might want wear for the P.E lesson with Joe Wicks on Friday (maybe you could dress up as your teacher laugh).


Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)



Good morning everyone!


I hope you have all enjoyed your first two days of home learning so far this week.


It's amazing to see more and more of you beginning to share your learning with us which can be seen on the 'Celebrating Our Learning' page. I have enjoyed seeing your learning very much and I'm sure you all will too so I would definitely recommend everybody to go and check it out!


It's very nearly time to begin our lessons for today starting with P.E with Joe Wicks at 9'o'clock this morning. Joe Wicks has announced he wants people to complete his P.E session this Friday in fancy dress so get looking through your wardrobes and drawers for anything fun and exciting to wear! We would love to see what you dress up as so please send us a photo in your fancy dress on Friday laugh.


One of my favourite comics, Bananaman, is what you have to read for your reading comprehension today. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I did!


You are going to be writing your first draft of your final diary entry today in writing so make sure you have all your research notes and checklist in front of you so that this is the best diary entry you have written so far.


In Maths, you will be investigating non-unit fractions today (so the numerator will be greater than 1). Please make sure to go through the information first before answering the questions. If you get stuck at all please get in touch with us as we are here to help.


Carrying on with tenses in SPaG, you will be looking at simple future tense today (you will see later why this sentence is in the simple future tense smiley).


To finish your day off today, you will be finding out about the Easter story and the 12 stations of the cross. You will then be designing your own artwork based around 1 of the stations of the cross. Please do send these in so we can share them with everybody!


Well I better go now because I need to get ready for my Joe Wicks P.E session at 9'o'clock! 


Have a wonderful day everybody and I can't wait to see how you got on when you share your work with us today at .


Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)