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Wednesday 17th June

Gayathri - Jaam Class

Dear children,


Wasn’t that a great day of learning? I am sure you are all becoming experts in the different areas of learning that you have been doing. We are all very proud of your efforts. Please submit your work daily on Seesaw so that your teacher can see the same pieces of learning from each child.


So how have you got on with your writing? I am sure your piece of writing is littered with all the features of an explanation text and that your diagrams and captions look amazing. Ask your family to read it through with you to ensure that it makes sense.


For Maths, check your answers and make sure that you have the correct numerators and denominators in the right place.


You have had lots of opportunities this week to consolidate your learning of present perfect and simple past tense. Your correct use of grammar should show in your Literacy lessons too.


Wasn’t that a lovely poetry lesson? That is one of my favourite poems and I really enjoyed reading it…I hope you did too! Why don’t you try writing one of your own using the poetry checklist from Twinkl?


Remember to keep learning your times tables and number facts too.


Tomorrow morning at 11:00am, there will be a live assembly with the Duchess of Cambridge about the mental wellbeing of children. To access this live event, click on tomorrow's learning resources page and follow the live assembly link.


Enjoy your evening and keep up the good work.

Best wishes

Mrs Johal (Guduud class)

Dear children,


I hope you had an enjoyable evening and that you are now ready for another fantastic day of learning.


PE: Who is enjoying HIIT exercise with the Avengers? I’m sure you all are. Make sure you choose a different move today instead of picking the same routine each day.


Grammar: You will continue to learn about present perfect and simple past tense. Remember to use the grammar features in your writing. To make the present perfect tense, use: 'have' / 'has' and the past participle. Make the past participle by adding 'ed' to regular verbs (for example, 'play' becomes 'played').


Literacy: Today, you will be adding diagrams to your explanation text. Don’t forget to add captions too. Think carefully about the information you are going to add.


Maths: You will be learning how to subtract fractions. Remember, at the end of your lesson you can write a reflection comment about your learning. Try and use key words to help you build your numeracy vocabulary. The key words for today’s lesson are numerator, denominator, subtraction and fraction bar.


Reading: You will be working on a poem called, ‘The Shadow.’ We have studied some poetry at school and have learned how the use of figurative language helps the reader form images in their mind. Think back and try and remember what these terms mean to help you answer the questions.


This week for Music, you are going to listen to ‘The Clock ll Andante’ by Franz Joseph Haydn as well as ‘Listen Out-Vaishnava Jana.’ You will need to log on to Yumu. If you don’t know your password, then check through your Parent Mail.


Have a great day.

Mrs Johal (Guduud)