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Wednesday 15th July

Welcome back Year 3!


I hope that you’ve all had a great day filled with some great learning!  


Well done, if you have been logging on to check your tasks every day. It’s extremely important that you keep your mind working as before you know it we could be back at school. Please check on today’s page for the answers.


 Remember to log in onto Bug club, My Maths, Timetable Rockstar and Purple Mash to keep up with the race for learning. Your teachers will be checking them in and those who connect regularly.


Also, thank you to those who have started uploading their learning on SeeSaw.  We all are excited to have a way of communication with you.


See you later, until stay safe and keep learning!


Mrs. Ajmal (VJOLLCE)


Good morning,


I hope that you had a wonderful start to your week!

I am sure that you all have been enjoying the sunshine and spending some time outside in your garden or a park. The weather has been gorgeous this week, so make the most of it and go explore.


Let’s start our day with P.E which is beginners work out.


In Writing today, you are going to be writing a poem in a style of your choice. Go through the power-point and learn about the different styles of poems that you have learnt over the last 2 weeks for your poem.


Maths lesson is on Pictograms. You have been building your understanding of pictograms since you were in Year 2. You continue to read and interpret information in order to answer questions about the data. It is important that you recognise the value of each symbol used and what it means when half a symbol is used.


SPAG: We are carrying on with revision. You will be answering questions on the topics we have learnt so far in year 3.


Reading: The text today is ‘From a Railway Carriage’. Make sure you read the text carefully before start writing your answers.


Geography: To understand key aspects of physical geography in the context of earthquakes. You need to explain what causes earthquakes and how they are measured.


You teachers have been amazed with the resilience and self-motivation which some of you have been displaying throughout this time. We can see that you are trying your best with your work, enjoying your time with your family and picking up new hobbies/interests.


Have a good day!


Mrs Ajmal (Vjollce)