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Wednesday 10th June

Good afternoon year 3,


I hope you all had a wonderful day of home learning. 

I can see that so many of you are continuing to work so hard with your learning and I know myself and all the year 3 teachers are very proud of you.


I have already seen some wonderful explanation texts about the water cycle which include some very interesting facts, clear diagrams and presented using paragraphs.


It was your last day of the week learning about equivalent fractions but I know it's a tricky thing to learn, so make sure you do let your teacher know if you are still finding it a bit difficult and I am sure they will happy to help smiley


We are looking forward to seeing what your produce in PSHE today, whether you decided to create a poster or a protest placard. 

I know many of you are still working on them but I would like to share one I have received already from Makar from Purple class who has created a placard with a powerful message which you can see above.

We are going to start putting one of your posters or placards on the daily blog each day so make sure you send them in to your teacher on Seesaw to see if yours gets shared!

I will also leave you with a link that you and your family may want to read through called, 'Black British History You May Not Know About'


Have a lovely evening and we will see you tomorrow!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple Class)

Good morning year 3!

I hope you had a good sleep and are ready for another day of home learning.


You will be beginning you day with your daily exercise before moving on to your writing in which you will be finding out some extra fun facts about the water cycle to go into your did you know shapes!


Today is the last day of the week that you will be learning about equivalent fractions which I know many of you are beginning to understand a lot more now than you did at the beginning of the week. If you are still finding it tricky, make sure you let your teacher know as we are here to help.


For PSHE today, following what you may be seeing in the news at the moment of people protesting on the streets of London and across the world, you will be learning to understand the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and what we can all do as individuals to make sure we are tackling racism and discrimination in all its forms.

You are all the leaders of the next generation. You all have the power to change the future!


Your teachers and I look forward to hearing how your day goes!

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple Class)