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WB 29/06/20

The Bravest Fish




Can you follow through this weeks book. Can you talk about the title and ask the question 

‘what does it mean to Be brave?’


What words can you use to describe what the characters look like?


Talk about the new emotions words in the book what do they mean?

Whats your favourite part of the story?






Can you make a number jelly fish can they stick on the correct amount of stickers to match the correct numeral.

Online maths game



Baking Soda Pictures

To make baking soda paint I put about an eighth of a cup of baking soda in a measuring cup and add liquid watercolors until I am happy with the amount of color.  Then I fill the cup with water to the quarter cup mark and mix well with a whisk.  The measurements truly do not need to be exact.  The basic rule is that you don't want the paint too runny or it won't fizz a whole lot.  You don't want it too thick, or it won't spread easily.  An even amount of liquid and baking soda works well.  If you are using food coloring instead of liquid watercolors, less color is needed and more water.


Paint large sheets with colours

After painting I give the boys pipettes and a container of vinegar.  Spray bottles or squeeze bottles can also be used.  Keep in mind that the faster vinegar is added the wetter the paper will become.  Again, this isn't a huge deal with watercolor paper.  No matter how many times we make baking soda paint, the kids are always delighted to watch the fizzing reaction.


Physical Development


Fine Motor Skills


This week we are going to practice our cutting skills. Can adults draw several lines onto pieces of paper. Some curvy some zigzag. The children are to then use the scissors independently to cut along the lines as best as they can. Remember to be safe and remember practice makes perfect.