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WB 26/05/20

Kim's Game - Objects hidden under a cloth and the children guess what is missing.  Could be household objects eg spoon, comb, fork, handkerchief, cotton reel, lego piece etc.  Also could use items beginning with the same letter.


Observational walk - looking at nature in the local park eg trees, leaves, bushes, tadpoles, ants etc.


Number Songs - 1,2,3,4,5.   Five little speckled frogs.   Five little ducks went swimming one day.    Five cheeky monkeys jumping on the bed.



Throwing and catching a ball.   Kicking a ball.

Mini sports day.


Using saucepans/ containers with wooden or metal spoons as instruments - learning hand-eye co-ordination, rhythm and beat.   Also can fill jars with differing levels of water, replace lids then bang with wooden spoons to listen to the different pitch of the instruments.


Drawing a picture of themselves by looking in the mirror. 



Celery science Experiment 

Materials needed -

celery (can also use white flowers of pale cabbage)

glass jars


food colouring 


Place celery stalks into jars of coloured water, wait at least a day and you will see the celery leaves take on the colour of the water.   Milk Art



Indoor or outdoor picnic on the living room floor.


Move like mini beasts - lie on the ground and wiggle like a worm, flap like a butterfly, hands on floor and scuttle like a spider, leap like a cricket, crawl on floor then curl up like a woodlouse.


Butterfly Art - Materials needed - paint and paper.  Fold paper in half then reopen, paint on one side of paper then fold to make image on the other side.

What A Wonderful World

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