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WB 22/06/20


Talk through this weeks story ask some questions

‘how does princess get her hands dirty?’

‘what does princess do to clean her hands?’

‘What does the princess use to wash her hands?’

Re-creating the story outside by washing our hands in our very own trays and how we can wash our hands properly 

Washing Hands Songs



Cup printing-Use plastic cups to print circles onto paper. 


Number ordering with Duplo bricks

Can the children count out  different values of bricks. Can they tell you how many bricks they have. Extension- Can they match the correct number to the quantity of bricks- Can they tell you what number is one more than that number.


Physical Development

Ball game catching and throwing.

Can you take it in turn to throw and catch the ball to each other


Hop-scotch drawn out on the floor with either tape or chalk if its outside; children jump forwards and backwards. Can they recognise the numbers? Can they use two feet to jump to the numbers? Can they hop on one foot to each pf the numbers?


Communication and Language


Using our phonics skills from RWI lets practise writing our names

Remember the beginning of your name is a capital letter then all the other letters are lower case

Sometimes if we need some extra help our adult can write our name in a light colour eg yellow and we can practise writing over it. 


Understand of the World/ PSED

Why we wash our hands?

How can our hands get dirty?

What are germs?

Try the experiement to show children how germs stick to our hands and what happens to germs when we use soap