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WB 18/05/20

Three Billy Goat's Gruff

The Three Billy Goats Gruff | Fairy Tales | Gigglebox

The Three Billy Goats Gruff can't wait to cross the bridge and eat the sweet green grass that's on the other side. But can they get past the Bad Old Toll wit...


Can you draw a picture of a goat?

You can use the website to help you if you want.


If you don’t want to draw a goat you could draw a troll. See the picture below for an example.

See if you can copy the word goat or troll on to your paper, you’re your adult to write the word first so you can copy it. Make sure you write your name on your picture too!






There were three goats in the story. They are very hungry after their journey. See if you can you use three plates at home and use nine counters to share the between the plates. How many counters are on each plate?


Maths Task

Still image for this video


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Can you make a bridge for the Billy Goats to cross?

You could use toilet rolls, old CD’s, cardboard.



Expressive Arts and Design

Can you design your own troll or goat? See below for some examples of what you could do!

Personal Social and Emotional Development


The troll in the story wasn’t very kind to the goats. Can you think of some ways that you could teach the troll how he could be kind next time he sees the goats?

See if you can use the voice note feature or video feature on see-saw to tell your teacher your answers!


Communication and Language

This week our story is the three billy goats gruff. Can you answer these questions?

Why did the goats find it hard to cross the bridge?

How do you think the goats felt when they saw the troll?






See if you can use a video to tell your teacher your answer on see saw!


Physical Development

When you are out on your walk can you gallop, hop and jump like baby goats? Did you know that baby goats are called ‘kids!’



Characteristics of Effective Learning

Being willing to ‘have a go’

Being involved and concentrating

Choosing ways to do things